Start the Nuvolar journey

Access your data, no matter where they are and what they are

analyse them and identify the most important information

connect them and find correlations

make them easily accessible, as well as available

allows you to manage your knowledge domain, making it easily browsable while tracking down any research activity

Through our multi-media full text search, you will enjoy a seamless browsing experience on both video and documents

Through our interactive tag clouds, you will gather the most significant and related contents in a few clicks

When you have found your contents, make your research more effective going through the most relevant segments

Select the relevant content segments from any kind of media

Create Note Playlist sorting segments and adding labels or comments to them

Store your Note Playlist into your personal notebook, you will always have what you need at hand

You can share a Nuvolar Playlist with almost any digital channel

Let people enjoy your playlists, it works on both desktop and mobile devices and does not require any APP installation

how does it works?
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Value your multi-media content assets, gathering all relevant and related information.
Make data accessible, providing an amazing search and discovery user experience.
Innovate the way you store and retrieve relevant content segments, enabling digital notes.
Engage and support your customers, sharing reliable and reusable knowledge.