Company overview


Four are the elements that inspired Nuvolar design:

  1. The cognitive processes are changing. Today info is short, simple and mostly available through digital media for a more immediate communication exchange, a particular role is played by visual communication better responding to a “hyper-communicative” world and an increasing lack of concentration;
  2. Customers orientation and problem solving are based today on a large amount of information captured autonomously. Companies must properly support digital orientation and access to such information in order to maintain and increase their competitive advantage;
  3. The production of effective, customer-oriented digital contents is strategic, costly and time-consuming. This patrimony must be enhanced and made accessible always, everywhere, in an intuitive and simple way;
  4. Customer’s attempts to get information and the results therein obtained should be considered a value to be kept and possibly shared. To safeguard this wealth, if perceived as such applied on relevant company information, could become an additional competitive advange.

Idea / Mission

To develop a system able to identify automatically the most significant information in a domain/multimedia environment allowing users to:

  1. Find the relevant information without too many interactions with the system even in a multimedia environment
  2. Find what would be difficult to obtain with any other search engine thanks to the system tips and connections with the key words of all reseaches made through all media.
  3. Save and share the results obtained as specific digital media segments list; this new and unedited feature can be used through a “playlist” format of common use.